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Q. Do you also endorse the businesses that appear in The Big Deal?

A. We cannot personally guarantee the individual offers from every business that advertises with us. What we can guarantee is that we strive to both know and work with our advertisers to deliver genuine offers in every issue.

We do not promote or tolerate deceptive business practices and at the same time we are not in a position to police or monitor every transaction or interaction between buyers and sellers.

Our proven concept is to continuously provide a value driven product that consumers can enjoy with confidence.

Q. My coupon has expired. Will the merchant still honor it?

A. That is totally at the discretion of the merchant. We recommend that you contact the merchant directly. Big Deal Books are readily on display at thousands of locations as well as online so be sure to check for the latest issue.

Q. My favorite store does not display The Big Deal. Why?

A. Many large chain stores have policies against allowing free publications in their locations. Other stores sometimes feel threatened by having a possible competitor in The Big Deal and don't wish to display us for that reason. Most businesses feel it is a courtesy to both their employees and customers to have books on display. If your favorite store is not currently displaying The Big Deal, ask them why and let them know that you would like them to. Businesses tend to listen to customer requests that can be easily honored.

Q. Do you offer a monthly subscription service to The Big Deal?

A. The cost of mailing subscriptions does not work with our business model. We strive to keep books on display at convenient locations and we are currently working on making an email subscription available for added convenience. Check back here on our web site as we are constantly working to make The Big Deal even better.

Q. I am a business owner; will The Big Deal work for my type of business?

A. We work with advertisers from all different types of businesses. Our combination of value driven content with mass distribution has proven successful for all types of businesses. Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss how our experience and expertise can go to work for you.

Q. I have tried a variety of advertising, what separates you from all the rest?

A. Just as there are many types of businesses offering the same service like auto repair, hair salons, cell phones, furniture stores, restaurants, home improvements, etc... There are also other coupon publications. Some of them work well and many do not. It is not enough to simply create a coupon book and have it magically work well. In fact there is nothing magical about it. It requires a lot of experience, hard work and expense to publish The Big Deal each month. Many so called competitors don't understand effective coupon advertising. Many also make the mistake that they can distribute fewer books to fewer locations and simple offer a lower price. When compared apples to apples to other publications we always come out on top. You may have tried the rest but The Big Deal is the best. Let us prove it to you!

Q. I am already spending my entire advertising budget each month. How can I afford to do more?

A. We understand the importance of budgeting business expenses. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised to find that Results don't cost money they make money. As an example: if you spend $200 and generate $2000, do you need to fit that into a budget? Of course not, it is a profit center and not an expense. That is what we mean when we say Results Driven Advertising.

Q. Do I have to make my own ad?

A. We have professional graphic artists to design and create your ad. While most company charge set up and design fees, we include it at no addition charge. Since our goal is to earn your business for the long term, we absorb the initial cost of creating the ad.

Q. Do you offer a special for new advertisers?

A. We offer a special for all new customers to try The Big Deal. We do all of this with no long term commitment so you will never feel stuck just because you signed a contract.

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